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A very good afternoon to Madam Sabrina, our known class teacher and the entire audience cum pupils of (class), (School name). I, (your name), chairman on this forum, wish to welcome everybody to this discussion board entitled " Tips on How to Conserve Our Earth”. I are pleased to present to you two panel users of this online community, _______________ and _____________, who will be discussing with us the Tips on How to Conserve Our The planet. Our first question today to Miss (Panel1) -- Can you explain to all of us what are presently happening towards the earth and the importance and reasons for the need to save our earth? Panel 1:

Many thanks Mr Chief. As everybody may know by now, there is so much speak about global warming. Take a look at Earth coming from space therefore you see a mainly blue, watering planet with swirling white-colored clouds. Every looks very well, but receive closer, therefore you see a several picture. Regions of Earth are unhealthy and everything because of the way we live. Earth is our simply home we can't survive other planets, we need to care for it to make certain it remains a beautiful, healthful place. If we don't take care of the Earth today, we will spoil it for the individuals of the future. There are many things you can do within your everyday life to care for the planet earth. If everyone does something, Earth would be a better spot to live. Globe Climate is slowly receiving warmer. Scientists who studying the weather has found that it is a little drier now than it was a century ago. May very well not notice the big difference, but plants and animals do. It really is getting hotter because of the particular Earth's six billion people are doing. Due to way we all lead existence, we are changing the Globe's climate. We are making the entire world grow more comfortable. We are making the rise in temperature simply by burning the 'fossil fuels' like coal, oil and natural gas. Were putting green house gases just like carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide is another harmful gas that comes from electricity stations and vehicles. It is extremely acidic, which means it feeds on...

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