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1 . This Code of Conduct could possibly be called the Pakistan Executive Council Code of Execute. 2 . This shall enter force simultaneously.

3. This kind of shall apply at all members of the Pakistan Engineering Council. Article two

To maintain, maintain and enhance the honor and dignity of the engineering professional in accordance with this Code, a member shall- a. maintain the ideology of Pakistan;

b. boost the comfort, impartial and serve the region, his company, clients and the auto industry at large with devotion; c. strive to boost the competence and prestige in the engineering occupation; d. work with his know-how and skill for the advancement and welfare of mankind; electronic. promote and be sure the maximum using human and material solutions of Pakistan for achieving self-reliance; and f. not really sacrifice the national interest for any personal gain. Article 3

1 ) A member should be guided in all of the professional concerns by the highest standards of integrity and act as a faithful agent or a trustee for each of his client and employer. 2 . A member shall-

a. be realistic and honest in all of the estimates, information, statements and testimony and shall perform his professional duties without fear or favour; m. admit and accept his own errors when demonstrated and shall refrain contact form distorting or altering the facts justifying his decision or perhaps action; c. advise his client or perhaps employer truthfully about the viability with the project entrusted to him; d. certainly not accept any other employment for the detriment of his frequent work or perhaps interest with no consent of his employer; e. not really attempt to catch the attention of an industrial engineer from another employer simply by false or perhaps misleading pretenses; f. certainly not restrain a staff from obtaining a better location with one more employer; and g. not really endeavour to promote his personal interest at the charge of the dignity and sincerity of the job. Article 4

A member shall have greatest regard for the safety, health insurance and welfare of the public inside the performance of his specialist duties and then for that purpose he shall a. respect his obligation to the open public welfare because paramount;

w. seek opportunities to be of services in social affairs and work for the advancement from the safety, into the well-being from the community; c. not take on, prepare, sign, approve or perhaps authenticate any plan, design and style or technical specs which are unsafe for the safety, health, well being of a person or individuals, or are certainly not in conformity with the approved engineering requirements and if virtually any client or perhaps an employer demands on such unprofessional perform, he shall notify the authorities worried and withdraw form additional service for the project; and d. mention the consequences to his client or the workplace if his engineering wisdom is over-ruled by any kind of non-technical person. Article a few

1 . A member shall avoid all acts or techniques likely to blacken the pride or honor of the profession and for that purpose he shall not advertise his specialist services in a manner negative to the dignity of the profession. He may, yet , utilize the next means of id. i. specialist cards and listing in recognized and dignified journals and grouped section of the telephone directories, ii. sign boards at the web page of his office or projects that he renders services; and iii. leaflets, business cards, letter-heads and other factual representations of experience, services, personnel and capacity to provide services. installment payments on your A member may write articles for acknowledged publications yet such articles or blog posts should be dignified, free form ostentations or laudatory implications, depending on factual a conclusion and should not really imply other than his direct participation inside the work explained unless credit is given in front of large audiences for their share of the function. 3. A part shall not enable himself to get listed to get employment applying exaggerated claims of his qualifications. В

Article six

1 . A part shall practice to extend public knowledge and appreciation of engineering...

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