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Cari's Tale

Unit your five Case Study 1

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Cari's Story

Question A: How could a contamination in Cari's nasal pathways and cou spread into her fosse?

The infection will certainly spread in to her sinuses because the pharynx, sinuses, larynx, and trachea are all connected and the disease is at risk of spread to the surrounding areas if not treated punctually. Question W: What is the cough reflex? Describe the procedure that Cari's respiratory system is usually using to clear her lung area by coughing.

The cough reflex is known as a long and deep breathing followed by the closing from the glottis, this kind of causes a strong exhalation that pushes the glottis wide open and directs air through the respiratory pathways. Stimulus pertaining to the response could be a overseas body in the larynx, trachea, or epiglottis. Cari's human body in is definitely causing the cough response due to nasal mucus and substance buildup in her lung area. Question C: Which buildings found in the terminal bronchioles and alveoli normally will protect Cari's lungs from infectious pathogens and particulate matter?

Alveolar macrophage protects Cari's lungs by thinking around the alveoli spacing collecting dust particles and debris. Since Cari is a smoker it has caused the cilia in her respiratory system passages for being paralyzed and secrete extra amounts of mucus, macrophages happen to be being provided for her lungs continuously which is getting caught in the mucus instead of battling the pathogens. Question Deb: How might the resistance of Cari's airways be affected by excess nasal mucus and fluid in her lung?

Cari is having difficulties with getting satisfactory oxygen by the pressure of fluid and mucus build up in her lungs by not permitting her lung area to fully increase to get the quality of inhale her body system needs. Query E: How would Cari's lung conformity (the effort required to broaden the lungs) be modified as her alveoli complete with fluid due to pneumonia?

Cari will have to enforce more effort to obtain a full breath of air because the smooth buildup is usually causing...

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