Evaluate Two Models of Impairment in Terms of Describing the Concept of Impairment. Essay

Examine two types of disability with regards to explaining the idea of disability. Medical model; --

Weaknesses; --

There are many weak points of the medical model. One of the weaknesses i am going to discuss is that in some cases people view the medical version as a great insult because the style tries to ‘fix' people with a disability instead of making adjustments and adaptions to conditions, activities etc… for them. Because the medical model is intending to ‘fix' tem, may seem to people the ones with the disability are not able to have a normal, healthy life like other people carry out who tend not to suffer with a disability. People may also seem like the medical model is saying that is the individual's fault they own a impairment and for this reason they are certainly not willing to ensure that the best that they can could. This kind of links that overall, the medical unit thinks that it must be the folks fault while using disability and that it is their particular fault which the environment /society disempowers these people from taking part in day to day activities. This fits in while using fact that the model will not peruse for making many changes to anything to ensure that the person with the disability, that its all of them that should adapt, not the surroundings. Another some weakness of the medical model is the fact it can stop individuals with a disability coming from working due to the fact that the working environment will not adapt their properties in order for others with issues to access fully in order to job. This weak spot to the version can cause people with a incapacity /difficulty carrying out certain things, to be disappointed – causing stress on the family, especially if they want their child to have a existence as normal as and also other child. Another point is that the medical model constitutes a lot of people feel that they are only adequate for people to use them in order to find a cure for some thing. This is one other factor which may cause stress upon the families and also different concerns as parents or carers...

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