HCS 405 Reporting Techniques and Integrity Paper Week 2 Deanna Thomas


Revealing Practices and Ethics

Deanna L. Thomas

HCS 405

March eight, 2015

David Albalat

Confirming Practices and Ethics

The 4 elements of economic management are arranging, controlling, arranging and directing, and decision making. These 4 elements will be defined and explained from this paper. Also emphasized will be the accepted accounting principles and the general economic ethical criteria. Examples of honest standards of conduct and financial credit reporting practices will probably be explored and notated in this paper as well. All of these items are important inside the accounting practice of health care management to aid the companies run effortlessly and to become financially secure. Four Elements of Financial Administration

Preparing lets a health care business set goals and guidelines to make certain their business office is a success and that all accomplishments happen to be met. Handling is making sure all areas within the healthcare organization are pursuing goals and guidelines arranged and gives the organization the opportunity to get ready for any issues that may arise. Organizing and directing helps to ensure that the health care organization is working to it is potential and allows those to work on an every day basis and fix any kind of issues that might be looming. Last but not least, decision making functions off each of the other components (planning, controlling, organizing and directing) by collecting details and making the final decisions on how the financial administration will work. Standard Accepted Accounting Principles

" The common group of accounting concepts, standards and procedures that companies use for compile their very own financial assertions. GAAP are a combination of respected standards (set by coverage boards) and simply the commonly accepted ways of recording and reporting accounting information” (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, d. d. ). Even with GAAP being a set of standards, you may still find companies that will finagle numbers on their economical statements, therefore their economical statements will have to be scrutinized immensely. General Economic Ethical Requirements

" Ethical requirements are decided largely simply by professional accounting and finance organizations as well as the Financial Accounting Standards Table. Small-business owners who plan to perform their own accounting companies or seek the services of accountants should be aware of accounting concepts and standard financial ethical standards to enable them to maintain a positive reputation for businesses” (Morley, n. m. ). Skills is one of the honest standards that is key for the financial expert to maintain in an business. Financial managers should the actual GAAP and stay current with its rules. They should as well uphold credibility and integrity. Examples of Ethical Standards of Conduct

Ethical specifications of execute is a set of standards that each company units for themselves. There is not any consistent criteria of perform for a business, but they need to include, advertising values, trust, good habit, fairness, and kindness. They are really not very easily enforceable and are always accessible to interpretation. For example , men and women must be treated evenly or take care of the patient with respect. Nightingale Home Health care code of ethics happen to be direct and descriptive. Some of their ethical requirements of execute are listed as: " all business conduct should be well over a minimum requirements required by the law, every single employee is liable for the consequences of his or her actions, each employee must be the guardian of Nightingale's ethics, leaders for Nightingale possess extra responsibility of establishing an example by way of a personal efficiency and a temperament that provides Nightingales moral values, each of our first responsibility is to the patient and patient's families that we provide each of our services” (Corporate Social Responsibility-Code of Values, n. m. ). There are lots of points of their code of ethics nevertheless they serve a purpose and this purpose to make sure their company is ran efficiently and...

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