Essay regarding Hillcrest Medical Case a few Death


Individual Name: Putul Barua

Individual ID: 135799Room: CCU4

Date of Admission: 01/07/2013

Date of Death: 01/15/2013 at 00: 41 hours.

Acknowledging Physician: Claire Williams, MD Pulmonology

Consultants: J. K. McClain, MARYLAND Cardiology. Trevor Jordan, MD Nephrology

This kind of 42 year old gentleman was admitted about January 7th, and out of date on January 15. Having been admitted with progressive tachycardia, hemoptysis and dyspnea. Please see his admission background physical exam for specifics. HOSPITAL TRAINING COURSE: The patient's hospital study course was characterized by a gradually downhill study course. He was in the beginning hospitalized and found to be slightly hypoxic, which will rapidly fixed with additional low flow oxygen therapy. However , he gradually became more o2 dependent on high-flow oxygen, eventually requiring intubation with mechanical ventilation in order to maintain his oxygenation. He underwent an open lung biopsy in an attempt to delineate the charge of his pulmonary circumstance, and this was reported as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and alveolitis. The specimen was sent to the Forest Standard Pathology Office for further analysis, and they could give no more help with regards to the ideology of his pulmonary status. A great echocardiogram demonstrated left ventricular wall action hypokinesia and an ejection fraction of approximately 35%. Doctor J. E. McClain and also other members with the cardiology section consulted within the patient. They will felt that his hypoxia and breathlessness were not supplementary to his cardiac position. He had supraventricular cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter. The cardiology staff applied intravenous prescription drugs that managed the heart failure rate, adequately resolving these cardiac concerns. I handled the patient's ventilator plus the intensive care status along with my personal respiratory remedy team. However the patient designed multiple attacks, hospital bought, including klebsiella...

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