Human Rights and Early Years Settings Exploration Paper

|Unit 067 |Professional Practice in Early Years Settings

Notes for guidance

Discover page 22-23 of this guide (Level three or more Diploma pertaining to the Children and Young Someones Workforce (4227) Qualification handbook) for crucial guidance relating to this qualification, including notes upon assessment strategies, evidence requirements and resources for proof. Ensure that you possess read these notes before undertaking this kind of unit.

|Unit 067 |Professional Practice in Early Years Settings | |Outcome 1 |Understand the opportunity and reasons of the our childhood sector

Assessment Requirements

The novice can:

|1. |Explain the way the range of early on year's configurations reflects the scope and purpose of the sector.

|Unit 067 |Professional Practice in Early Years Settings | |Outcome 2 |Understand current policies and influences for the early years sector

Evaluation Criteria

The learner can easily:

|1. |Identify current plans, frameworks and influences for the early year's sector. | |2. |Explain the impact of current policies, frameworks and influences for the early year's sector. | |3. |Describe what is designed by evidence-based practice and provide examples of how this has influenced work with children in their early years.

Added Guidance

Current policies, frameworks and impact on that are appropriate to the relevant UK House Nation may include: • United Nations Convention around the Rights from the Child (UNCRC) • Current Equalities laws

• Current research

• Social analysis

• Interpersonal and economic influences including work habits and financial constraints.

|Unit 067 |Professional Practice in Early Years Settings | |Outcome 3 |Understand how to support diversity, introduction and participation in early years settings

Assessment Criteria

The novice can:

|1. |Explain precisely what is meant by: | | |Diversity | | |Inclusion | | |Participation | |2. |Explain the importance of anti-discriminatory/anti-bias practice, giving examples of how it can be applied in practice with kids and | | |carers. | |3. |Explain the way the active contribution of children in decisions impacting their lives promotes the achievement of positive results. | |4. |Demonstrate selection, inclusion and participation in own assist children inside their early years. |...

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