Import Export Interview Survey Essay


Valerie Cawby

Localized Foreign trade Import Interview Report

Sign 112- Importing and Conveying

February 18, 2015

Teacher: Robert Olsen

Importing Company- I chose to Interview Teresa Mcewen, who also works for IKEA Division services, in Spanaway, CALIFORNIA. IKEA is an acronym for Ingvar Kamprad (the founder's name) Elmtaryd Almhult (the parish/town he was raised in). The girl with in charge of getting and organizing all of the deliveries that are brought in to the center, from all over the world. Her phone number is: 253-847-9532, Ext 2119. Her current email address is: Teresa. [email protected] com, and the corporations main site is Teresa informed me that IKEA has been around since 1943, in Almhult, Sweden. The Distribution center the girl works pertaining to has been open since January, 2008. They will first started out slowly adding only a few storage containers of home furniture and residence goods, yet currently receive about three hundred shipments in per week. IKEA specializes in pieces of furniture products that can come un set up in ‘flat pack' form. This allows for further product to get shipped in containers, lowering costs pertaining to the company as well as customers. The majority of their imports are wooden based furniture items. That they house above 15, 1000 different content in their factory. Ninety percent of their imports arrive by means of container delivers at the Seattle and Tacoma ports. Some containers will receive down in California and take the rail road up. Teresa informed me that they have a few suppliers found in the United States, and these articles travel and leisure intermodal for the warehouse. The majority of their bedding and upholstery are made and brought in from Mexico. The largest countries of beginning for IKEAs imports include India, China, Poland and Romania. Teresa told me that IKEA is usually opening a store in Vegas this coming 12 months, and they expect to continue growth; although their particular largest marketplace is in The european countries, mostly Germany. She had not been very concerned about competition within the importing of furniture and...

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