(SONG: LITTLE RED RIDING BONNET ) LRRH: Jope!!!! Can be in the basket? Little Red Riding Engine skipped throughout the Woods, overlooked through the Hardwoods, skipped through the Woods. Very little Red Using Hood overlooked through the Forest, MUM: We have a cake, several fruit and several vegetables using a skippity skippity skip by pass skippity skipipty skip, which has a skippity skippity skip miss skippity skippity skip.

LRRH: Fine! I'll head to grandma's. Yet I want to listen to STORYTELLER 1: Once upon a time, there was music in the MP3 player!! slightly girl named Little Red Riding Hood. DAD: You can listen to music but you should, do not STORYTELLER 2: The girl lived with her mum and talk to strangers. There exists a big, bad wolf in the forest. daddy in a small house in the forest. MUM: Little Reddish, your grandmother is sick. MUM: Oh! Be careful Tiny Red… do not talk to the wolf! Is it possible to please take this basket to her?

LRRH: AAAhhh! Yes mum… be careful, avoid stop… LRRH: Oh! Not any mum!! Today?? I'm playing music!! don't talk to strangers… and bla, bla, bla, bla, bla….. DAD: Tiny Red Using Hood! Be good and do since mummy says! MUM & DAD: Be a good young lady!!!!! (Wave goodbye)

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STORYTELLER 3: Tiny Red Driving Hood went walking … WOLF: I am BAD-WOLF… Mister. BIG BAD-WOLF. and operating … and jumping … and dance … her favourite And… where will you be going Little Red?? " HIP HOP” music.

(SONG: " WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF " ) LRRH: I'm going to go to my grandma. Yeah! B5 the big negative Wolf! Oh! The big awful Wolf! Yep! Come on! The best bad Wolf. B5 yap yap yap Right! Whoms afraid of the top bad Wolf, the big poor Wolf, the best bad wolf, who's scared of the big awful Wolf. Who is afraid of the top bad Wolf the big poor Wolf the top bad Wolf, WOLF: And where does your grandmother live girl?? who's afraid of the big negative Wolf!

STORYTELLER 4: Nevertheless the big, poor wolf…. Was looking at LRRH: Oh! The lady lives in slightly house following to a big her at the rear of a woods!...

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