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Sea - throughout a volcanic eruption earthquakes happen, and tsunamis may be created. Also, whether it is a volcanic island, the island may be ruined, and there is no escape. Lava flow -- these are very sluggish moving, but destructive as they cannot be halted and they set fire to everything inside their path. Pyroclastic flow -- these are not possible to outrun, travelling around 300 km/h, and are really destructive Mudflow/lahar - these are generally mud rivers that have the consistency of cement, and destroy almost everything in their way, including properties


Ocean - generally there tends to be numerous sea existence near volcanic islands, and so there will be plenty of seafood Fertile soils - The scenic ash via eruptions is extremely fertile and good for farming Tourism - Volcanos are excellent for tourism, bringing villages lots of money Scrape - There are many stone deposit from volcanic eruptions, which can be converted into quarries. Geothermal strength - You will have natural vents near the volcano, in the floor which can be used to provide geothermal energy.

The benefits seem to outweigh the down sides, because where ever there is a volcano, people live around this because of the rich fertile garden soil, despite the threat of an eruption. Examples of this kind of are Bonita springs (Mount Vesuvius), and Fuji City (Mount Fuji)

Volcanoes dominate the landscape in Nicaragua and Costa Rica – big, massive volcanoes growing up out of nowhere fast. Occasionally, vapor or excellent red lava seeps out of covers. How do volcanoes form, anyways? Most volcanoes are produced by the movements of tectonic plates within the surface from the earth. These kinds of plates will be basically huge pieces of mountain that ‘float' on the mantle (a coating of the globe that is sort-of liquid rock). The tectonic plates happen to be in frequent motion, even though very slow motion. They sometimes move toward each other, strategy they'll move apart, and still other times a single will drain while the various other rises above it. PLATTER TECTONICSr!

Every time a tectonic platter...

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