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As talked about in class, if this costs $1 to fix a great errror in the planning stage of the SDLC, approx just how much would it price to fix that same mistake in the implementation phase? hundred buck, 000

What is the order in the systems advancement life circuit (SDLC)? Organizing, Analysis, Style, Development, Assessment, Implementation, Maintenance Which in the following may be the major theme of OMIS 351?

Information Technology Should be used to serve the goals of the business Because discussed in class the dude who " invented" sliced up bread invented... Neither breads, nor slicing

Which usually feasibility research (" whenever we build this, will they come? " ) involves usisng stakeholder analysis of project champion(s), organizational mgmt, & system users? Operational/ Company

In html, the essential generalized approach to add a link to a nother web page on a particular site is... Text message displayed to customer

If Jewel uses its POint of Revenue terminals, in addition to a prefered greeting card, at the cash register to store info about individual's purchasing habits & then produce strategic decisions with its info, this is among the.. Information Age Business Practices

Precisely what is SDLC?

Systems Advancement Life Pattern

What is the implemation phast in SDLC?

involves putting your system into production thus users may being to accomplish actual organization operations with all the system A chance to track customers, analyze campain results, and modify methods are the distinct advantages provided by _____________ to the feild of promoting The Web

Technology specialists in the area of _________ specialize in technology for competitive advantage. Approach

A company uses WebEx, a popular business application, to conduct workout sessions for its personnel who happen to be spread across different countries. This is a good example of the impact of technology in the area of.... Human Resources

According to Dr . Downing in class, precisely what is the information age group? When companies/people finally realized that information can be an asset According to class, Dr . Downing commonly refered to what when disscussing the possibility of mergin technology solutions with a business (or process) problem? SlicedBread

If you put your resume record into www.folder & you wish to link resume from your index. html record what is the correct link?

What is the purpose of the HITECH Act?

1) Promote the meaningful use of health information technology 2)Utilize a great electronical medical record for every single person by 2014 (in U. S i9000. ) In the event " lumination bulb" continues in your head for the solution to problems what if you decide to first perform? Run through the stages of SDLC

As discussed, using a prefered card in order to buying patterns is... Information as a property

Precisely what is CPI?

Continuous Procedure Improvement

What is BPR?

Business Process Reengineering

How exactly does Continuous Procedure Improvement (CPI) differ from Business Process Reengineering (BPR)? CPI focuses on testing & modfiying the current method and BPR generally brings about major changes & new processes Exactly what is a good example of info as a property?

Master card using your repayment history to ascertain a credit rating for you & selling this What does FTP accomplish?

It transfers files back and forth from your storage and a web server Which will of the subsequent are ture regarding current technology styles? Rising customer service standards can be partly related to social media(like searching for a hotel on-line, get peer's reviews before booking) & resumes with key words in mind because computer systems do primary check prior to a human views it When you click on index. html in left side of FTP & something other than notebook comes up when you are planning to edit, what should you do? Find notepad on your computer and open up index. html outside the house FTP to edit this Which is INCORRECT:

1) Facebook- Tag Zuckerburg

2)Apple- Steve Jobs

3)Google Sergey Brin & Larry Webpage

4)MySpace- Catherine Cook

MySpace- Catherine Cook

Regardless of your major you will at least...

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