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James, Leslie, & Him, LP


To: Supervisory Attorney

By: Amber Blanton

Date: 5/16/2012

Re: Samantha Smith

Reality: Samantha Jones slipped and fell about spilled shampoo or conditioner in the aisle at the food store in question. After we filed our problem with the process of law; the store alleges that Ms. Smith had a duty to stop the some spillage, but was as well distracted simply by her kid to notice. The store feels that Ms. Jones is just as much responsible because they are. Issue: Can it be equal responsibility on both parties as engaged? Rule: (a) In an actions based on mistake that is brought against: (1) one (1) defendant; or (2) two (2) or more defendants who also may be cared for as a sole party; the claimant can be barred coming from recovery in case the claimant's contributory fault can be greater than the fault of every persons whose fault proximately contributed to the claimant's problems. (b) Within an action depending on fault that may be brought against two (2) or more defendants, the claimer is barred from recovery if the claimant's contributory mistake is greater than the because of all folks whose problem proximately contributed to the claimant's damages. 34 West Ann. Code В§ 6. installment payments on your 51 ( Analysis: Samantha Smith slipped and chop down at the supermarket on leaking shampoo; your woman does have associated with having therefore sort of comparison fault since the store performed do their check at that time they were supposed to and the lady fell half an hour before the up coming aisle check. Conclusion: Ms. Smith could very well have some kind of comparative problem if the shop could prove that she was distracted enough by her child that she was unable to notice the spillage.

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