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Lyceum of the Israel University

Batangas City

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Name: Holy May W. Faral

C/Y/S: BS Chemist 1-A

S/T/R/D: History 1/ 4: 00-5: 30 pm/SHL 107/MW Study course Description: Philippine History with Politics and Governance and Philippine Metabolic rate Title in the Report: Current Fields of Study

Relationship with other Procedures Methodology of Political Scientific research

Objectives: At the conclusion of my report my own classmates must be able to: 1) Be familiar with current areas of research of Personal Science in which most politics scientists operate.

2) Identify the Relationship of Political Scientific research with other Disciplines, especially amongst those inside the social savoir which is strongly linked with each other.

3) Apply the different ways of Political Technology used by politics scientists intended for the study of institutions and of political problems.

Meaning of Terms:

1) Anthropology - is a scientific research that works with the origin, physical and cultural developments, racial characteristics and social traditions and beliefs of mankind.

2) Comparative Politics -- is a field and approach used in politics science, characterized by an empirical approach based on comparative approach. In other words, relative politics is definitely the study of domestic politics, political establishments, and clashes of countries.

3) Economics -- deals with the production, distribution and consumption of products and providers.

4) Fresh Method -- this method attempts to discover, by a series of trials, certain general political facts on politics problems relating to rule of action or political machinery that is ideal adapted to or workable under selected conditions.

5) Historical Method - this process seems to be the most popular of all the methods employed in learning political research. This method looks into the politics institutions which thrived in past times eras and appraises the political growth and development brought about by the tides of your time.

6) Foreign Relations – focuses on study regarding the characteristics of the contact between states and more recently, on the transnational issues such as environment, human being trafficking, transact, social actions, labor just like co- operatives or avoiding terrorism.

7) Law – is a guideline of perform given by the legitimate expert.

8) Political Science – is a cultural science self-discipline concerned with study regarding the state, nation, government and politics and policies of government.

9) Personal Theory – is more focused on contributions of various thinkers including Aristotle, Niccolo Machiavelli, Cicero, Plato and many others.

10) Public Law – is that a part of law which usually governs interactions between individuals and the government and those associations between persons which are of direct concern with the society.

Summary in the Report

To start with, Political Technology is the organized study of allocation and transfer of power in decision making. Aristotle defined this as study regarding the state. That deals widely with the hypotheses and practice of politics, and the research of politics systems and political behavior and tradition. Amongst the procedures, political science is invaluable to all guys that's why politics scientists operate broadly in one or more with the following five areas. Comparison Politics which is a field and method utilized to study home-based politics, disputes of countries and comparison of different forms of government. Another one is definitely the International Contact which is the study of relationships between countries, the role of sovereign states, inter- governmental organizations (IGO), international non- governmental firm (INGO), non- governmental businesses (NGO) and multinational corporations (MNC). Furthermore to, Personal Philosophy is the study of topics including...

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