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Useful Catalan phrases

What’s the Word to get Bathroom in Spanish?

The most common word for bathroom in Spanish is un baño (el BAN-yoh).You can use el baño pretty much any place in the Spanish-speaking world, and individuals will know that you will be referring to your bathrooms. Technically, the correct phrase for lavatory is el cuarto sobre baño since baño means bath and cuarto means room, but most people, especially when not really speaking technically, simply use the term el baño to refer to the bathroom.

While el baño will be understood wherever going, if you want being especially correct or just broaden your vocabulary there are several other terms for bathroom in The spanish language.The second-most common term for bathroom is definitely el servicio. This term is typically used to make reference to public toilets (such since those within an airport or restaurant) rather than bathroom in someone’s residence. The full brand is servicios higiénicos which in turn isn’t spoken that often, but may be cut to SS. HH. on indications. Los aseos has a comparable meaning to el criados but isn’t used as often.

The word for toilet itself in Spanish is usually el inodoroor, less commonly, el vter. Just like English language, Spanish has many different ways of referring to the restroom or bathroom. Other significantly less common conditions are un retrete, este sanitario, este excusado, and el servicio. A much more relaxed, and to some extent impolite approach to refer to the bathroom is usually el cagadero. The closest snel in British would be the john or the may. Don’t use that term in formal settings!

Supporting an Opinion

These words will help you refer to your three sources, which contain information that may help you support your argument. It also consists of transition words and phrases to connect a single part of your argument to the next.

Según Relating to

Según este autor…(according to the author…)

La hontanar The source

Según la fuente numero 1…(According to supply number one…)

El tema The theme/topic

Esto es tema muy importante.(This is a very crucial topic. )

Mostrar To show

La fuente se encuentra la importancia de la desigualdad.(The resource shows the value of selection. )

Keep in mind,mostrarcan be an o-ue stem-changing verbpay attention to conjugation!

Demostrar To demonstrate

La tabla demuestra que muchos jóvenes sobre España juegan al fútbol.(The stand demonstrates that lots of youths in Spain play basketball. )

Demostraris usually an o-ue stem changing verb. Luckily for you, this follows the same conjugation guidelines asexpor!

Indicar To indicate

La tabla indica que hay muchas familias pobres en aquel barrio.(The table implies that there are many poor households in that area. )

Apoyar To support

Estos datos apoyan la idea de o qual el a situa?o est cambiando.(This data supports the idea that the environment is changing)

Por otra parte However

Fue importante que la economía crezca, cuando por otra parte, debemos que guardar el 1/2 ambiente.(It’s important that our economy grows, however, we have to maintain the environment. )

Por lo cual For this reason/That’s why/Which is the reason why

This phrase is used in the midst of a sentence in your essay to connect ideas.

La Amazonía carga con un elevado nivel de biodiversidad, durante lo cual la conservación para esta región debe se tornar una antelacin.(The Amazon has a advanced of biodiversity, which is why the conservation of the region must be a priority. )

Adems Additionally

This term is usually seen at the beginning of a sentence, and it’s useful for transitioning from one idea or argument to a new.

Adems, es indiscutible que la tecnología em ayuda enormemente.(Additionally, it’s evident that technology will help us a whole lot. )

Por el contrario However

This is certainly another good transition word. In your essay, you really should present another argument then explain so why you don’t agree with this.Sin embargois very helpful for this.

bvio que, estudiar es muy notable. Sin embargo, ha sido necesario la cual los adolescentes tengan tiempo para entretenerse con sus amigos. (Obviously, learning is very important. Nevertheless , it’s important that young adults have time to play with their particular friends. )

En comparación In comparison

En comparación, la hontanar número 2 indica la cual hay ms obesidad en Estados Unidos que en España. (In comparability, source second seed indicates there is more weight problems in the United States as compared to Spain. )

Al igual que Much like

Al igual que en los años forty, hoy en día hay mucha panda que zero quiere echar una mano a mis refugiados de guerra. (Just like in the forties, today there are plenty of people who don’t want to aid war political refugees. )

Parecchio ________ tais como _________________ as well as ___________

Fill in this kind of phrase with two nouns to emphasize that you’re speaking equally regarding two various things.

Parecchio chicos tais como chicas deberían aprender a cocinar, limpiar, coser y cuidar a los bebés.(Boys and girls should always learn how to make, clean, affix and take care of babies. )

Sino But instead

Remember that The spanish language has two translations pertaining to the The english language word but. The wordsinois similar to the British phrase but rather, used to expose an alternative.

Leer no es una pérdida sobre tiempo, estrella una manera de saber y sobre conocer otras culturas. (Reading isn’t a waste of resources, but rather a way to learn and understand additional cultures. )

Sin indecisin Without a doubt

Sin indecisin, el transformacion climtico fue el problema ms grave que enfrenta nuestra planeta.(Without a doubt, climate change is considered the most serious problem which our planet confronts. )

Aunque Even though/Although

Y asi fue queis and then an indicative verb when the outcome is well know, but a subjunctive action-word when the end result is speculative.

Aunque cuesta enormemente dinero, tenemos que pesquisar una solución.(Even although it is expensive of money, we need to search for a solution. )

Aunque cueste mucho efectivo, tenemos os quais buscar mi solución. (Even though it may cost a lot of money, we have to visit a solution. )

What’s the AP The spanish language Free-response Section Like?

The free-response section of the exam is meant to test your ability to communicate with others in spoken and written Spanish.

There are two essays in the free-response section. Theinterpersonal essaydemands you to reply to an email. Thepresentational dissertationtests how well you may draw information from Spanish-language sources, contact form an argument and write officially. This second essay is a little less easy, so we’ll walk you through it right here.

So , how exactly does it operate?

The presentational essay is founded onthree resources. Two of them are written sources and one is an audio origin.

These resources can be anything: Advertisements, content, infographics, words, maps, interviews, radio applications, podcasts and conversations are only some examples of the types of sources you may encounter.

You’ll have regarding 55 a few minutes to full this particular essay. First, you’ll have half a dozen minutes to see the prompt and the two written resources, and then you’ll hear the audio supply twice. Finally, you’ll have got 40 minutes to program and publish your dissertation.

The essay is graded on the basis of Spanish language skills just like reading, being attentive, writing and grammarbut it’s also based upon your general ability to analyze the sources and make a powerful, coherent debate.

1 ) Adicin (Addition)

Once we want to add ideas in order to give more info about the same thought we utilize the following fittings:

also, additionally, furthermore, in addition

Sumado a– Ideas are often associated by y. In a list, you put a comma among each item, but not prior to y.

l vive en un pueblo vistoso, tranquilo sumado a acogedor(He lives in an excellent, quiet and welcoming village)

Ademas –It is used to put an extra thought or emphasis as well as extra information to the point you are making.

Ademas hablamos de advertising(We as well spoke about marketing)

Debe efectivo al banco, y ademas no puedo pagar su hipoteca(He owes money to the lender and furthermore can’t pay his mortgage)

Introduce Yourself: Method 3

The next method also isn’t because common since the initial in most areas, but it may be the most straightforward means for those who have English as a initial language.

Intended for the second step, you can use inchMe llamaninch or mee NOHM-breh ess followed by name. Thus, should your name is Chris, you are able to say: inchBienvenida!, mi nombre es Bob.

Whichever approach you use, don’t be afraid to sound ridiculous. You’ll be realized by following these kinds of directions, and nearly any Spanish-speaking area however, feeblest efforts to speak The spanish language will be privileged.

How to Prepare for the Free-response Section

In lots of ways, preparing for the free-response section is the same as preparing for the rest of the AP exam.

It involves studying grammar and vocabulary, plus it means immersing yourself inside the Spanish dialect as much as possible. A lot more exposure you must Spanish-language options leading up to test day, the easier it’ll always be for you to appreciate and evaluate the three resources you encounter in the presentational essay task.

Seeking out indigenous Spanish options is easy, and FluentU has got you covered. FluentU usually takes real-world videoslike music videos, video trailers, news and motivating talksand transforms them inpersonalized language learning lessons.

FluentU is all about so much more than videos: You also get access to online flashcards and vocab lists, annotated subtitles and customized quizzes that evolve as you learn. The immersive, entertaining content makes grammar and vocabulary a lot more memorable.

There are also some great facts about great news outlets, podcasts, Vimeo channels and blogsall in Spanish. Also following a lot of Spanish Myspace feeds or perhaps listening to The spanish language music can be a great way to work just a little language practice into your working day.

There are also several targeted strategies to practice for the free-response section.

    Do practice exams and read sample essays.The College Board has posted the full AP exams from the last several years. Try to read the sources and write the essay in the allotted 55 minutes. When you’re done, go back and slowly revise your essay for errors in grammar, spelling and logic. After that, you can also check out the grading rubric prov >Estoy para acuerdo/No estoy de acuerdo My spouse and i agree/I don’t agree

Estoy sobre acuerdo que incluye lo que dice el padre.(I believe what the creator says. )

No estoy de acuerdo con la idea primary de la fuente número 2. (I disagree while using main idea of source and second. )

Sobre mi opinión I believe

Sobre mi opinión, los jóvenes deberían consumir ms fresco.(In my estimation, young people ought to eat healthier. )

La verdad es The simple truth is

Verdaderamente es os quais todavía hay mucha escarpadura en mis Estados Unidos. (The truth is there is still a whole lot of inequality in the United States. )

Es veracidad It’s true

Es verdad que todas las redes sociales pueden ser peligrosas. (It’s true that social media may be dangerous. )

Es adulterado It’s bogus

Hay gente la cual dice la cual las redes sociales kid peligrosas, pero esto ha sido falso. (There happen to be people who say that social media is usually dangerous, but this is phony. )

Me personally parece/No me personally parece It seems like to me/It doesn’t appear to me

Me parece bien que los niños asistan a colegios bilingües. (I think it’s a good idea that kids attend bilingual schools. )

Not any me parece bien que los niños asistan a colegios bilingües. (I don’t think it’s a good idea that children go to bilingual educational institutions. )

Keep in mind that sinceme personally parecesuggests an opinion or emotion, you need to conjugate the verb inside the subjunctive tense.

(Yo) pienso que I believe that

Yo pienso que ningn nada ms importante o qual la familia. (I think that there exists nothing essential than relatives. )

(Yo) creo la cual I really believe that

Yo creo que los dos adolescentes deberían aprender a tocar este instrumento. (I think that all children should understand an instrument. )

Too subjective

Some phrases reveal your own bias. For instance, in the event you state that something willcertainlyhappen, you are demonstrating that you think the occurrence is definitely obvious – not proclaiming a fact.

Expressing your judgment is appropriate in certain sections of a dissertation and in particular types of academic text (such as personal statements and reflective or perhaps argumentative essays). In most cases, even though, take care when utilizing words and phrases including those under – try to let the information speak for themselves, or emphasize the point with less prejudiced language.

Taboo Case Alternative
Beautiful, unattractive, wonderful, unpleasant, good, bad A review of literature yielded manygoodarticles or blog posts A review of the literature yielded manyrelevantarticles
Obviously The individualsnaturallyplanned to know The participants desired to know
Certainly, of course The resultsobviouslyindicate The resultsevidentlyindicate

Idiomatic Spanish Vocabulary

One guaranteed way to up your Spanish level to Advanced is always to brush up the idiomatic terminology. Idioms will be chunks of language which are used all the time simply by native loudspeakers and if you discover to use all of them correctly, they will go a long way to making you appear more fluent and natural in The spanish language.

Here are some prevalent Spanish idioms to drop in conversation when you need to sound more fluent. I’ve provided you with the British equivalents to help you use them properly so they can be not the precise translations however the semantic variation.

  • #75 Abrir la caja de aquellas truenos– to spread out a may of worms
    • (ab-rIr la ka-kha de los tru-AY-nos)
  • #76 Retirar de la lenguaje– to let the cat out of your bag
    • (IR-se de la LEN-gua)
  • #77 En el abrir con cerrar de ojos– in the blink of an eye
    • (en oon ab-rIr ee serr-Ar de o-khos)
  • #78 No hay que buscarle cinco patas al gato– don’t split hairs
    • (no ay kay bus-kAr-lay sin-ko pa-tas al ga-to)
  • #79 Arrancar como el huevo a otro– being like two peas within a pod
    • (pa-ra-ser-say ko-mo oon ooay-vo a o-tro)
  • #80 Jugrsela a panduan o cruz– to turn a coin
    • (ju-GAR-se-la a panduan o cruz)
  • #81 Ms vale pjaro en strato que ciento volando– a bird in the hand is worth two inside the bush
    • (mas va-lay pA-kha-ro sobre ma-no kay SIEN-to vol-An-do)
  • #82 Guardar el achacar– to pull someone’s leg
    • (to-mAr este pE-lo)
  • #83 En pocas palabras– in a nutshell
    • (en po-kas pa-lA-bras)
  • #84 Mas vale vspera que jamas en la vida– better late than under no circumstances
    • (mas va-lay tAr-day kay nun-ka)
  • #85 Ha sido cosa sabida– it goes without saying
    • (es ko-sa sa-bEE-da)
  • #86 No sony ericsson ganó Zamora en una hora– The italian capital wasn’t constructed in a day
    • (no say ga-nO za-mo-ra en oo-na aw-ra)
  • #87 Con todas las manos sobre ela masa– to get caught red-handed
    • (con las ma-nos en la ma-sa)
  • #88 Andar en las nubes– to become on cloud nine
    • (an-dAr sobre las nOO-bays)
  • #89 Ojos que not any ven, corazón que no siente– well hidden, out of mind
    • (o-khos kay no ven, ko-ra-sOn kay no see-En-tay)

The spanish language Essay Terms

Spanish Essay Term1 a couple of34your five67eight910111213141516seventeen18192021twenty-two23twenty-fourtwenty-five262728293131thirty-two3334353637373940
English Translation
para empezar to begin with
en 1er lugar in the first place
ing principio at first
como punto para partida being a point of departure
por un lado on the other hand
em virtude de continuar to continue
por during
mientras total meanwhile
adems in addition; also; furthermore
también too; as well
luego then
entonces in that case
después de (+ infinitivo) after
mientras while
y and
anteriormente a (+ infinitivo) before
sin embargo on the other hand
a pesar de (+ infinitivo) despite
a pesar even though; even if
si bien but
en variacion on the other hand
por otra parte however
sin embargo on the other hand
sino la cual; sino yet (rather)
en realidad in reality; really
hay que tener en cuenta you have to take into consideration
lo importante es the important thing can be
durante eso as a result
asi pues therefore
desgraciadamente however
afortunadamente fortunately
para remontar to demonstrate
ejemplo for example
a causa de because of
en conclusión to summarize
sobre fin in short
finalmente finally
en resumen in summary; to summarize
para avivar to conclude
para terminar to summarize

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three or more. Causa (Cause)

because of, because of

since, given that

Porque –Porque can be described as connector that is certainly usually utilized in the middle of the sentence in both formal or simple situations.

Traje este paraguas pois estaba lloviendo cuando sali(I brought an umbrella because it was raining when I left)

Como –Como is usually used at the outset of a sentence with a intervalle between the initially and second statement.

Como estaba lloviendo aquella vez sali, terno un paraguas(As it had been raining after i left, I actually brought a great umbrella)

A causa de (que) –It is used in the center or starting of a phrase.

A causa de la contaminacin no se puede bucear en un rio(Because of the toxic contamination you can not swimming in the river)

A causa(que) –Debido a la lluvia, no pudimos jugar a tenis(Due to rain, we’re able to not enjoy tennis)

Explaining People

Speaking of body, people-watching is definitely an activity I believe most of us end up doing every now and again. While you’re sitting in that café, drinking on yourindigente, perhaps you should try to illustrate the people who are passing you by simply.

One great approach to learn more advanced vocabulary is always to make The spanish language a fundamental element of your daily life even when you’re at home. You probably today the words for common household items in Spanish. But you may be wondering what about the items you only employ now and again?

You will find probably some of the more unheard of household goods that you are not thus familiar with, and you never know when you may need to ask for atirabuzón.

  • #47 el tirabuzn– corkscrew
    • (el sa-ca-COR-chos)
  • #48 el abrelatas– can opener
    • (el ab-ray-lAh-tahs)
  • #49 un botiquín– medicine pantry
    • (el bo-ti-kEEn)
  • #50 el cortinero– drape rod
    • (el kor-tin-AY-ro)
  • #51 un desagüe– drain
    • (el de-SA-gway)
  • #52 el techo– ceiling
    • (el tE-cho)
  • #53 este escurridor– dish desscher
    • (el es-curr-i-dOr)
  • #54 la vaporera– steamer
    • (la va-po-RAY-ra)
  • #55 alfombra– carpet
    • (la al-fOm-bra)
  • #56 secadora– drop drier
    • (say-ka-dOra)
  • #57 aspirador– vacuum cleaner
    • (as-pir-a-dOr)
  • #58 cenicero– ashtray
    • (sen-ee-SAY-ro)
  • #59 bombilla– lightbulb
    • (bom-bEE-ya)

Too unsophisticated

Using too many simple terms can make your writing truly feel elementary, therefore take care never to overuse all of them. It’s likewise better to substitute phrasal verbs with their one-word alternatives.

In spite of this, some of the beneath terms carry out have their place in academic writing. For example , writing Figure 4revealsthat… or Table Wgivesa summary of… from time to time is totally fine. Longer, more complex words aren’t necessarily greater than shorter words: good academic writing should make an effort to be succinct and use varied terminology.

Taboo Example Alternative
Poor Apoorresult A(poor/negative)consequence
Big, huge Abigsample A(large/sizable)sample
Get This modelgetsfocus This modelobtainsattention
Give This chaptergivesa summary This part(provides/offers/presents)a summary
Good Agoodcase in point A(useful/prime)example
Present The below figurereveals The below number(illustrates/demonstrates/reveals)

Introduce Your self: Method you

Simply stick to these steps, and you will be well on your way to producing a connection with someone regardless if that person will not speak your language:

  • To say howdy or hi, merely state Hola or OH-la (rhymes with Lola; note that the letterlis muted in Spanish).
  • To introduce your self, simply declare Me llamoinches (may YAHM-oh) followed by a message. For example , inchHolis, me llamo Chris (OH-la, may YAHM-oh Chris) means Hi, Now i’m Chris.
  • To ask a person’s name within a formal method, say Cómo se llama usted? or perhaps KOH-moh say YAHM-ah oo-STED. (The oo rhymes with moo. ) What this means is, What is your name?
  • In an informal establishing, or in the event that speaking to a kid, say inchesCómo te llamas? or KOH-mo tay YAHM-ahss. That also means, What is a message?
  • After the person responds, you could say, inchEnormemente gusto or perhaps MOOCH-oh GOOSE-toh. The phrase means much pleasure or, much less literally, pleased to meet you.

How Many Words Should i Know?

Naturally, there are thousands upon thousands of words that you may choose to master as an advanced Spanish student and I can simply mention a tiny fraction of them here.

Strangely enough, according to analyze, you need to know around 3, 500 words to understand 94% of spoken Spanish, but only 1, 000 terms to understand 88%, which is not a lesser amount of, for far fewer effort!

Given that most Spanish dictionaries have approximately 75, 000 words, you might think that that’s getting off lightly, nevertheless, you still have to put in the hard work to get those terms to stick in the brain – and 1, 000 phrases is still several.

Pushing yourself through the simplest vocabulary to get at those thousands of words you should unlock The spanish language means learning words which are not that common in everyday language.

It’s impossible to mention just about every word you might need here. non-etheless, here are couple of useful Spanish advanced phrases to give you a start. We’re going start with some new words after which move on to keyword phrases later on in the post.

The next word groups may be familiar to you several of the words in them probably won’t be.

To make that as easy as possible that you should practice these advanced The spanish language phrases inside your conversations, I’ve created a special PDF version of this article with all the current phrases that you can print away or save your mobile phone to use read it everywhere, anytime, when you encounter Spanish speakers.

Spanish Linking Words

Relating words or perhaps connecting words and phrases help you to develop a logical debate in your text by connecting one statement to another. A text with out linking phrases reads such as a series of not related statements with no flow.

Relating words may be used to:

– Hyperlink the movement of suggestions in your composing

– Guide your reader towards the next stage of your argument

– Website link paragraphs together.

To get used to these significant words, I am offering a list of widely used Spanish relating words which I have split up into 6 teams:

Too casual

Academic writing is usually more formal than the writing we see in nonacademic elements (including about websites). It is additionally more formal than the ways that we normally speak. This words and phrases are viewed as too informal for a feuille or educational paper.

Taboo Model Alternative
A bit The interviews had beena bitdifficult to schedule The interviews had been(difficult/somewhat difficult)to schedule
A lot of, a couple of A lot ofstudies (Many/several/a large number of/eight)studies
America A researcher inAmerica A investigator in(the United States/the US/the USA)
Isn’t, can’t, doesn’t, would’ve (or any other contraction) The testisn’t The sampleis not really
Sort of, sort of The findings had beenkind ofsignificant The conclusions were(somewhat significant/significant to a few degree)
Til, until From 2008till2012 From 08(until/to)2012
You, your

(i. at the. the second-person point of view)

Youcan easily clearly begin to see the results Onecan clearly start to see the results

The effects can obviously be seen

Too hazy

Using obscure terms makes your writing imprecise and could cause people to interpret it in different techniques. Always make an effort to be as specific as possible.

Taboo Example Option
Products People are worried about theirstuff Folks are concerned about their(belongings/possessions/personal effects)
Thing The report presents manythings The survey presents a large number of(details/findings/recommendations)
A long time, quite some time This theme has interested researchers fora long time This matter has interested researchers pertaining tomore than 3 decades

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