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V SALAI SELVAM, AP & HOD, ECE, Sriram Engg. College, Perumalpattu EC1006 MEDICAL ELECTRONICS 3 0 0 100

Try to make students to understand the applications of consumer electronics in analysis and restorative area. TARGET • To study the methods of recording numerous biopotentials • To study the right way to measure biochemical and several physiological information • To understand the working of units which will help to restore normal functioning • To understand the use of radiation pertaining to diagnostic and therapy • To understand the importance and technique of electric powered safety in Hospitals UNIT I ELECTRO-PHYSIOLOGY AND BIO-POTENTIAL RECORDING being unfaithful The origin of Bio-potentials; biopotential electrodes, neurological amplifiers, ECG, EEG, EMG, PCG, EOG, lead devices and recording methods, typical waveforms and signal features. UNIT 2 BIO-CHEMICAL AND NON ELECTRICAL PARAMETER MEASUREMENT 9 PH, PO2, PCO2, PHCO3, Electrophoresis, colorimeter, fotometer, Auto analyzer, Blood flow inmiscuirse, cardiac result, respiratory dimension, Blood pressure, temp, pulse, Blood cell surfaces. UNIT III ASSIST PRODUCTS AND BIO-TELEMETRY 9 Cardiac pacemakers, DC Defibrillator, Telemetry principles, regularity selection, Biotelemetry, radio-pill and tele-stimulation. UNIT IV RADIOLOGICAL EQUIPMENTS being unfaithful Ionosing radiation, Diagnostic xray equipments, usage of Radio Isotope in medical diagnosis, Radiation Therapy. UNIT V LATEST TRENDS IN MEDICAL ARRANGEMENT 9 Thermograph, endoscopy device, Laser in medicine, Diathermy units, Power safety in medical gear. TOTAL: forty five TEXTBOOKS 1 . Leislie Cromwell, " Biomedical instrumentation and measurement”, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 2002. REFERENCES 1 ) Khandpur, R. S., " Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation”, TATA McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 1997. 2 . Joseph M. Carr and John M. Brown, " Introduction to Biomedical equipment Technology”, John Wiley and Kids, New York, 97.

SRIRAM ARCHITECTURAL COLLEGE Perumalpattu – 602 024 STAFF LESSON STRATEGY Name Section Branch Semester: V. Salai Selvam: ECE: ECE ‘A': VI Subject code: EC1006 Subject: Medical Electronics Plan of conclusion Unit Description The origin of Biopotentials (1) Biopotential electrodes (1) Natural amplifiers (1) ECG, EEG, EMG, PCG & EOG typical waveforms and signal characteristics (1) ECG lead systems and recording strategies (1) ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAPHIE lead systems and saving methods (1) EMG saving methods (1) PCG saving methods (1) EOG documenting methods (1) pH, pO2, pCO2, pHCO3 (1) Electrophoresis (1) Colorimeter (1) Fotometer (1) Car analyzer (1) Blood flow meter (1) Cardiac output measurement (1) Respiratory system measurement (1) Blood pressure dimension (1) Heat measurement (1) Pulse way of measuring (1) Bloodstream cell counters (1) Heart failure pacemakers (2) DC Defibrillators (2) Telemetry principles & frequency assortment Bio-telemetry (2) Radio-pill and tele-stimulation (2) From To No . of hours necessary Date of Assnmnt. Naming: Assistant Professor & HOD


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SRIRAM ANATOMIST COLLEGE Perumalpattu – 602 024 STAFF LESSON PROGRAM Name Office Branch Term: V. Salai Selvam: ECE: ECE ‘A': VI Subject code: EC1006 Subject: Medical Electronics Plan of completion Unit Information Ionizing and nonionizing Radiations (1) Era of Ionizing radiation: Generation of X-rays (1) Classification x-ray gear (2) Unique Techniques (1) Use of A radio station Isotope in diagnosis: Radioisotopes (1) Use of Radio Isotope in diagnosis: Detection (1) Radiation Therapy (1) Adverse Effects (1) Thermograph (2) Endoscopy product (2) V Laser in medicine (2) Surgical diathermy (2) Power safety (2) 10 By To Number of hours required Date of Assnmnt. Designation: Associate Professor & HOD



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Sixth is v SALAI SELVAM, AP & HOD, ECE, Sriram Engg. College, Perumalpattu MEDICAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES UNIT I actually Origin of biopotential: Cell is the basic building unit of...

Referrals: 1 . Khandpur, R. S., " Guide of Biomedical Instrumentation”, ORDE McGraw-Hill, Fresh Delhi, 1997. 2 . Paul J. Carr and John M. Darkish, " Summary of Biomedical products Technology”, Steve Wiley and Sons, New York, 1997.

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